She’s Back! The Wicked Queen Speaks

Have you ever worked so hard on something and it just seemed to take longer than you thought it would to achieve it? (Duh, like a hundred times!) Recently, for  NKM&BJJ the object of desire has been a website upgrade. We have had enough technical glitches and computer malfunctions to last a lifetime. (I don’t know who enjoys this stuff!) Additionally, I personally think I’m going blind form staring at the screen for so long. With all of this work, I know there are probably a few glitches with it, BUT…the new website is up and going!

We hope that you find it helpful and engaging. Each tab will provide much information. The calendar is a little different and ever evolving, therefore it will take us a bit to get all of the information into it. We believe it will be more user friendly. Additionally, the Blog tab will be where we share information about upcoming events and sign-ups. Be sure to subscribe to the Blog so you will get the latest and greatest information.

I’d love to get your feedback, hopefully (fingers crossed) it’s all good. If it’s not good, could you save those comments until Tuesday? Mondays are hard enough.


The Wicked Queen

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