• Nashville Krav Maga isn’t just a place to train, it’s a family. The instructors and other students show you how to become the best version of yourself. The people that I have met through this program are one of a kind. Within the past year and a half that I have spent training, I’ve gained a better knowledge of how to defend myself if the situation ever called for it. Always make your safety a number one priority! Love my Nashville Krav Maga family 💕

    Austyn J
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    I took one class with Nashville Krav Maga and BJJ while I was visiting Nashville. Not only was the instructor great but everyone else in the class was great too. No egos and a super supportive environment. 

    The gym is beautiful and they gave me a free shirt as well. Highly recommend if you're visiting or living in Nashville, super easy to get there via Uber and I'd happily train with them again.

    Aaron S.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    Friendly owners, great instructors. First class was free and I was hooked. They're really friendly about letting you take breaks when you need to. 

    Jonathan W.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    I have been training at Nashville Krav Maga for about two months now. I am proud to say that the level of professionalism, knowledge, kindness and intensity to teaching, both to the technique and each and every individual, is second to none. Every class I attend, I receive elite level instruction, no matter the instructor, which is an added bonus as a result of all our instructors having different and unique combat backgrounds. We owe this level of professionalism, respect, knowledge and attention to detail, in task and student, to our head instructor Chris, who was just awarded his Black Belt this past weekend after a grueling test. Thank you so much Chris, for the leadership and example you set for your fellow instructors and your students, it is a result of this that we all can become better. Honored to be apart of your team celebration today! Congratulations again!

    Nicholas C.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    My wife and I have been training at NKM since June 2013. I can honestly say it has changed my life. I'm in better shape, have more confidence, and have better abilities to defend myself. NKM is a true family atmosphere. I love all the instructors and the other students. It is truly a great learning environment. They are good about working around your physical ailments (wife had a knee surgery, only missed a couple of workouts) and helping you to be the best you can be. I definitely recommend it. Can't wait to get into the BJJ soon!

    Allen T.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    I originally walked into NKM as a challenge to myself as to whether or not, at my age, I could survive a class. The staff was unbelievably understanding and embraced my short-term goal. Well, I survived!! Everyone at this facility embraces your personal achievements and goals. I now go as often as I can because IT WORKS. In one facility, I get a physical workout, self-defense discipline, strike fit and self-confidence.

    If you are tired of the gym, like I was, and want to truly get a workout and learn a self-defense discipline, then NKM is where you need to be.

    Donald R.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    Nashville Krav is the real deal !! If you are lucky enough to call Nashville your home you have to get to this gym. I travel for work and get to train in gyms across the country and this is one of the best. I was able to attend all levels of training from the beginners to the advanced classes and the classes are excellent. All the instructors are friendly, helpful and truly embody the Krav Maga spirit. The students are friendly and welcoming to all the newbies and those of us with a few years under our belt.

    Elton H.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    I started Krav Maga at this location a short while ago. Did not have any martial art experience, also coming closer to retirement age. 
    The staff is very helpful and taking care that I am building my skills and endurance up suited for my situation. 
    They learned me fast some techniques and build up my endurance and muscle mass. 
    Then thinking about our youngsters, impressed with how they take care that they develop fast to expert. A school I would recommend to beginners and advanced and yes all ages I have seen youngsters younger than 10 and people close to 60. 
    Also, the hygiene of the floors is great. Clean and sanitized often.
    Highly recommended.
    Oh yes forgot to tell, a great family location and something perhaps for the whole family to do.

  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    I started at Nashville Krav Maga in May of 2013. I am a retired Air Force veteran with 100% permanent and total disability due to a variety of service-connected illnesses and injuries incurred during OEF and OIF. After being medically retired from the Air National Guard Technician program and the USAF, I knew that I needed a program that would preserve what little health I had remaining. Running was not an option nor was the ridiculous fantasy of being a high fashion underwear model either. Hence, I needed a program that would push me to my limits but also take my health limitations seriously and modify their requirements to match my actual capability. NKM is that place! I have found both fun and encouraging 'trash talk' as well as genuine concern for my personal physical welfare in one place. I LOVE THIS PLACE! This is by far the best self-defense system I have ever studied! The people are fantastic and every class is challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding! Come and see for yourself!!! You'll love it!!!

    Ben W.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    Extremely effective self-defense instruction in an Israeli system and in a Brazilian system. The combination of systems from two countries skilled in the need for self-defense is great! 

    Dan D.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    LOVE this school - as a practical self-defense art, I've never seen anything more practical and effective than Krav Maga, and the instructors at NKM teach it with real excellence, respect, and efficiency. Can't recommend NKM highly enough.

    Zach B.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    I have been a member at Nashville Krav Maga (or just simply, ‘NKM’) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) for going on five months now.  Writing a review doesn’t give this gym, its’ staff or members any justice whatsoever for what it truly has done for me.  

    It seems like presently there are as many “MMA” gyms in a 5 mile radius as there are Walgreen's.  The “UFC hype” has helped build gyms that have done a great job at raising testosterone levels, facilitating the sales boom of toddler sized Affliction and Tap Out shirts for men, and for getting those same bona fide "bad asses" tased at bars across America for all they have “learned”.  If you are hoping to find that at NKM and BJJ, please don’t waste your time.   You won’t find that false sense of confidence here, nor will you get that ticket to professional cage fighting with that huge endorsement from Condom Depot.  Krav Maga is a discipline, not a sport, and the instructors’ central focus to the curriculum that they develop for members is centralized on self defense, and the ability to always be prepared for anything so “that one may walk in peace”.  

    The owner, his family, and the instructors at NKM and BJJ have cultivated a down-to-earth, effective, practical, and family-based environment for the membership.  One of the most impressive aspects to this gym for me is the flexibility of the class schedules.  I can go to a class for my lunch break, after work, and several more that occur through a good chunk of the night if I’m feeling extra squirrely.  Having a full time career in the military, I cannot express how valuable that is to me.  It has given me the opportunity to find consistency and see real progress in whatever goals have been made.  Most gyms you come across can’t reciprocate this.  It only reflects the owner and instructors’ passion for what they teach, as well as the vision they have for the gym.  These guys have sacrificed a lot to solidify their goals for the gym and the membership, and it is obvious from the first class on.

    There is an un-spoken “zero tolerance” for douche bags among the membership at NKM.  They just don’t survive here, and because of this, I have made some real quality friends at the gym.  Being a single dad just getting through a divorce,  I can’t describe how invaluable a support system NKM has been.  From the instructors to fellow members, people want to know how your day is going all the time.  They will ask you on the spot if they think something is wrong, or if something doesn’t seem normal.  We are a family at NKM, and I would not appreciate the overall experience like I have if that element did not exist.

    Nashville Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is its’ own genre of self-defense and fitness gym.  Aside from the above, all I can recommend is that you come and get the vibe for yourself.  They offer two free classes, so if you are looking to better yourself, lock in to a great network of people, and gain peace of mind from being prepared for anything, you really have no excuse to not come and check the place out!

    Austin A.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    Absolutely, worth looking into & attending!!! It truly is one of the best investments a person will ever make toward serving/protecting themselves & their loved ones!!! Greatly staffed & awesome facility!!!

    Daniel O.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    Great place to train, nice family atmosphere, and they can change your life.

    Shawn N.
  • Kids Martial Arts Franklin

    The entire crew are incredible and dedicated to training in a safe, positive manner.

    Leah M.


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