Imaginary Lines

Let me ask you a question? Do you feel that only certain people should be allowed to shop at a local stores? Go to the dentist? To the doctor? To acquire other services available in the public community? Let me clarify. If someone has a need to see, let’s say, a physician, can anyone go to the physician or only certain people? If the physician is in ones community, they have the financial means to pay for the services, they have the physical ability to walk in the door to the physicians office, and better yet, had mind enough to know they needed the physicians assistance, can only certain people go to that physician?

Yesterday, I learned from some members of the Nashville/Middle Tennessee community that the answer to that question is yes. I read and heard that some public services available in the community are not allowed for all people. Specifically, what I read and heard was that some people should not be allowed to learn Krav Maga. Let me state that a different way, according to some in our community, self-defense is only allowed for certain people.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Let me be very blunt here: Who in their right mind believes that only certain people can learn to defend themselves against an attacker, a rapist, a mugger, a kidnapper, etc.? Where is it written that self defense is only applicable if you are white, or black, or jewish, or christian, or a purple- polka-dotted penguin?

Seriously people?

Let’s think about this, pretend I am a hard-working, community invested individual. I have the physical ability, the financial means, and the true understanding that I need self-defense, but I can’t learn it because I’m…. fill in the blank. Let’s add to it, I have all of the above, plus I’m small of size, I am outwardly physically compromised, I look different, I believe different, I think different than those around me. But, I’m not eligible to learn to defend myself?

Again, has our community lost their minds?

We, at Nashville Krav Maga & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, teach self defense to everyone. Why? Because everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to learn to defend themselves. P.E.R.I.O.D. There is really nothing else to say.

The Wicked Queen and one of our female instructors, April, were asked to come out to a community center to educate a group of women in self defense. NKM&BJJ does this often, but it had never been requested to have female-only instructors for the program. April and I were excited to share Krav Maga with the women (ages 12 – 65+). These women knew they had a need and they sought out professionals to learn the skills necessary. Well, April is definitely a Krav ninja. The Wicked Queen, … I just hold up space and provide comic relief in Krav Maga. I can do a pretty fabulous collar choke and shoulder throw, but that’s for a different class.

When the organizer called, we had several phone conversations about what the need specially was and why they felt it necessary at this time. The organizer shared that fear was involved. Over the phone we discussed topics such as: verbal assaults, children being bullied at school, young women going off to college, sex trafficing, how to thwart unwelcomed advances, education about domestic abuse, situational awareness, and overall how to be better prepared at protecting themselves in their community.

This sounds just like something we are all challenged with and want to be better prepared to do in our community. So it shouldn’t be a big deal to go and teach a 2.5 hour seminar for them, right?

Now, what if I told you that it was a group of Muslim women. Does that change your mind?

Muslim Women's Council

Muslim Women’s Council

It didn’t change ours. Self defense knows no boundaries.

Let me ask you, does the Muslim young woman going off to college deserve any less self- defense training than your daughter does? Does the Muslim little girl deserve to have other children physically pulling her hair or clothing? Does she deserve to be teased any more than your son or daughter? Does the Muslim mother, grocery shopping for her family, deserve any less training on how to protect herself from an attack in the parking lot of Kroger than your wife or girlfriend?

Let me reiterate, Krav Maga, self-defense, knows no boundaries. Nashville Krav Maga & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knows no boundaries in teaching those who seek and need the skills.

Open your mind, readers. Don’t draw imaginary lines that prevent people from learning to be safe. You do not have that right and you shouldn’t deny another’s.

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