Private Events

tailored for your group

Are you looking for something a little different for this year’s group or company event? Want to give your employees a great educational experience that’s a lot of fun too? Nashville Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu can help! Our seminars are tailored specifically for your group. We have done safety seminars for “traditional” office environments, realtors, security personnel, military and first responders, retail operations, and many others.

Want a little more than just a ‘standard’ seminar?

We also offer workshops where the employees can get in on all of what NKM & BJJ has to offer. We can tailor an active workshop for the specific needs and desires of your group. If could be a Women’s self defense workshop, an Urban Assault seminar for those that work in a corporate setting, or maybe even a knife defense defense workshop. We can meet the needs of your group. Contact the office to find out more details on how NKM & BJJ can benefit your business and your employees with a workshop.