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Fitness Basic Training in Franklin is a way to condition your body using endurance training, resistance exercises, and high-intensity aerobics. By completing a series of exercises you'll get an intense, targeted workout -- and then you get a short rest and do it again.

Our circuit style Basic Training at Nashville Krav Maga is a simple and effective way to lose weight, build lean muscle across your entire body, and enjoy fitness! Because you're rapidly moving through a varied series of exercises, you won't get bored of the same repetitive motions. Join us in Franklin to get started!

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What Can You Expect With Fitness Basic Training?

Here to enhance your physical capabilities in Krav Maga is our circuit training-based class. Nashville Krav Maga's Basic Training class is here to level up your physical fitness with weights, calisthenics, and cardiovascular challenges. Basic Training will make you better on the mat and in all aspects of your life.

We utilize our rogue squat racks for all major lifts. Barbell training aids in gaining maximal strength by pushing your body’s capacity to move heavy objects in space; helping you defend yourself from overwhelming threats.

Build Muscle and Perform Better In All Aspects of Life

Our cardiovascular and circuit training components will shred those extra pounds while also improving your gas tank. You will be able to lose weight and improve your capacity to endure any challenges you may face on the mat and in the streets.

Last but certainly not least, is the calisthenics portion of the class. The exercises we use will help you learn full body awareness, increase your stability, and power output.

Get Started With Our Circuit Training Style Workouts In Franklin

If you've struggled with getting results in the past, that's okay! Now it's time to be stronger than your excuses. When you join our community at Nashville Krav Maga, you'll get the earnest support and accountability you need to achieve incredible things. Our circuit training program is designed to help ordinary men and women from around Franklin see real results.

You’ll move better, hit harder, and be more explosive in an instant just by using your bodyweight! Work hard, push yourself, be consistent and you will see the results. Let's get after it!

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