Where can I learn self-defense?

Remember last time we were together, we spoke about “what” self-defense is briefly. Self defense was defined as:  the act of acquiring and honing the skills necessary to protect a person, place, or thing from an attack. We also discussed self defense in terms of three different elements: fitness, aggressiveness (“fighting spirit”), and techniques. With this information in mind, let’s discuss things to look for when choosing a place to learn self defense. Read more

Self Defense – What is it?

Last time, I made a case that everyone is worth saving; therefore, everyone needs self defense. But that only answers the first of our six original questions. Now, I will address question two – what is self defense? Read more

Self Defense – So Who Needs it?

As a kid, a scientist, and later as a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), I was taught to ask several key questions to unravel any situation, problem, or mystery. These questions are: Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? The inaugural Nashville Krav Maga blog entry will deal with the first of these questions as they relate to self defense –Who needs it? Read more