Let’s Hear it for the Ladies

Educate. Encourage. Empower. These are all powerful words that anyone can rally behind. However, we specifically chose these words to define what happens when teaching women self-defense. We want to educate them about how to defend themselves. We want to encourage them to be strong and forceful should the situation arise. And we want to empower women helping them to understand that despite their size, age, physical prowess that they CAN defend themselves against an unwelcome danger.

We hear about it in the news, whether it is locally or nationally, where women are assaulted in parking lots, at shopping centers, at the park, or even in their homes. The media could cause us all to believe one of several things: 1. That could never happen to me, in my town, in my subdivision, in my school, 2. That we should never leave our homes because danger lurks everywhere, or 3. That we should all run out and buy a gun! The Wicked Queen’s response to all of that, “Good grief!” Let’s just make this clear, no one is immune from savagery. Bad people do bad things and we just hope we are not in their way with the switch flips. You can live in the best neighborhood, have the security gates, the alarm system, etc. and if a “bad guy” wants what you have, he/she will try to take it. They are bad guys. They do bad things. To anybody. Secondly, I don’t know about you, but I can’t live my life within the same four walls of my isolated home. I have to live in the world, not be of the world. And lastly, “everybody go get a gun”. Great! So now you have a gun. Do you know how it works? Do you know how to shoot? Do you practice with it on a regular basis? Do you practice using it under stress drills (like someone attacking you)? No? Then it’s about as useful as a stick. The media would drive you to craziness, even companies are trying to jump on the fear bandwagon. I heard the other day about an app that you use on your phone to take the bad guys picture and record whats happening (sounds threatening-ooo). Great! After the attack is all over, you can share that with the police. Seriously. Let’s not all loose our heads with fear over what we hear or see in the media. Let’s do something.

While I know a lot of this sounds juvenile, it is honest. The only person who can defend you is YOU! Do not rely on a place, a person, or a thing to protect you. Learn to do it yourself! With that said…. here is a great opportunity to feed your need to defend yourself. We have another Educate. Encourage. Empower. Seminar coming up on Saturday, October 8th at 9:30AM. This is open to anyone (ages 13+) who believes they need to learn to defend themselves – that means YOU! It also means your daughter, your sister, your friend, your neighbor, your mother, even your mother-in-law (ok well, maybe not her – just kidding – yes, her too!). The cost is $30.

Our very own Professor André Mateus, a third degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, will be leading this 2 to 3 hour seminar. We will learn to use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grappling techniques involving leverage and positions to render a potential attacker ineffective. André’s jovial and sincere nature is a perfect combination to teach you some of the skills to defend yourself against an objectionable character. Come and spend some time adding tools to your tool belt that will aid you far longer than the few hours that you sacrifice on a Saturday.

General athletic wear is all that is necessary: shorts, sweat pants, yoga pants, and a sleeved t-shirt. No shoes please.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email.

To register go to: (cut and paste may be necessary)


-The Wicked Queen

She’s Back! The Wicked Queen Speaks

Have you ever worked so hard on something and it just seemed to take longer than you thought it would to achieve it? (Duh, like a hundred times!) Recently, for  NKM&BJJ the object of desire has been a website upgrade. We have had enough technical glitches and computer malfunctions to last a lifetime. (I don’t know who enjoys this stuff!) Additionally, I personally think I’m going blind form staring at the screen for so long. With all of this work, I know there are probably a few glitches with it, BUT…the new website is up and going!

We hope that you find it helpful and engaging. Each tab will provide much information. The calendar is a little different and ever evolving, therefore it will take us a bit to get all of the information into it. We believe it will be more user friendly. Additionally, the Blog tab will be where we share information about upcoming events and sign-ups. Be sure to subscribe to the Blog so you will get the latest and greatest information.

I’d love to get your feedback, hopefully (fingers crossed) it’s all good. If it’s not good, could you save those comments until Tuesday? Mondays are hard enough.


The Wicked Queen

Two Years and Counting

*The Wicked Queen wrote this back in December, however it never seemed appropriate to share this personal celebration with anyone. Recently, I’ve heard visitors saying – “Oh, I can’t do that!”, “I’m too …..” At the same time, I’ve heard members sharing some of their personal accomplishments. Visitors to NKM&BJJ need to know that all of the members were just like them once. So, I decided to bare it all and share with you.


Today is a big celebration day for me. It means nothing to anyone else, just me. Two years ago today I took my first BJJ class. I remember it very clearly, more because I felt totally and completely ridiculous even being in the training room.  Read more

Imaginary Lines

Let me ask you a question? Do you feel that only certain people should be allowed to shop at a local stores? Go to the dentist? To the doctor? To acquire other services available in the public community? Let me clarify. If someone has a need to see, let’s say, a physician, can anyone go to the physician or only certain people? If the physician is in ones community, they have the financial means to pay for the services, they have the physical ability to walk in the door to the physicians office, and better yet, had mind enough to know they needed the physicians assistance, can only certain people go to that physician? Read more

My, how things are changing!

Hello NKM & BJJ folks! 

2015 is coming to a close and that means a whole new year of possibilities. I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of anticipation that typically comes with the end of one year and the beginning of another.

In 2015, we celebrated three years of making middle Tennessee safer and healthier. We have been living out our mission:

“…..to create positive change in people’s lives using proven self-defense and fitness methods in a simple, family-oriented atmosphere while creating effective programs to make our family, friends, and community safer and healthier.” Read more

Knock it off already!

Recently I had an interesting conversation with my oldest daughter. She was struggling with math; her arch nemesis. She found herself doubting her own abilities even more than usual that day. Her comment to me was, “I’m not like my brother and sister who “get it” and that makes me feel bad about myself.” She continued, “This sibling seems to “get it” with no problem at all, and then the other one seems to work only a little bit and then they “get it”. I struggle over math EVERY TIME.” She again expressed how it made her feel bad about herself and that she just “knew” she was never going to “get it”. Read more

Testing – Take it all in stride

From time to time each of us are faced with a “test” of some sort. At NKM&BJJ, those “tests” are typically for belt rank or stripe rank. While there are many that battle the worthiness of a test, I will readily admit that I see these “tests” from both sides of the argument. The fact remains that at NKM&BJJ it is a requirement, therefore arguing over it is moot. So here I am preparing for an upcoming test. Read more

How we deal with injuries

For any athlete that trains on a regular basis, injuries are inevitable. We hear this from everyone….coaches, instructors, advanced students, and every article, blog, or news clip you find. So when something happens, it shouldn’t be a surprise to us. What really occurs following an injury is rather fascinating. Though we are all different individuals, our reactions to the injury are all similar – questioning. Read more

This will change you

I have been pondering a statement I heard last night from Coach. Isn’t it funny how someone can say something to you and it sticks around in your head for a while. While watching a class at the gym, Coach says, “This will change you.” Four words and they have blown my mind. Read more

New Eyes

It was a rarity for me and the children; a trip to the mall. I don’t like shopping, but we had gifts to buy. We went to the local megalopolis, where the hustle and bustle were at full tilt. It has been a long while since last I had visited the retail dome. Read more