Edilson Bastos began his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training in the city of Fortaleza, in the State of Ceara in Brazil in 1994 with Professor Guilherme Santos of the Nova Uniao Team. Professor Eddie competed several times in the white and blue belt championships. He was the champion in Cearense twice in the early 2000s. For reasons related to college, work and family, Eddie moved away from BJJ for several years but continued to have a huge passion for sports. In 2008, Eddie became a purple belt and trained and competed at high levels. Eddie left the sport for the second time to dedicate himself to a career as a Police Detective in the State of Ceara, Brazil. In 2014, after returning to the sport, he graduated as a brown belt and then received his black belt in 2016 after winning the International Championship in New York.

Professor Eddie has been in America since October 2016 and is in the process of obtaining his American citizenship. He is married to an American citizen, Mandy, and also has a beautiful step-daughter.

Since coming to the United States, Professor Eddie has continued to teach. He has been a Professor at Gracie Barra in Franklin, TN, and then began his own team, BRA’US BJJ as Head Professor out of Pound 4 Pound Gym in Nashville, TN. Professor Eddie came to Nashville Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in March 2018.

Professor Eddie continues to dedicate himself to the sport, always competing and taking the name, philosophy, and principals of Jiu-Jitsu to his students, friends, and family. BJJ is not only a sport, it is a way of life and can transform lives!