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Let’s Hear it for the Ladies

Educate. Encourage. Empower. These are all powerful words that anyone can rally behind. However, we specifically chose these words to define what happens when teaching women self-defense. We want to educate them about how to defend themselves. We want to encourage them to be strong and forceful should the situation arise. And we want to empower women helping them to understand that despite their […]

Two Years and Counting

*The Wicked Queen wrote this back in December, however it never seemed appropriate to share this personal celebration with anyone. Recently, I’ve heard visitors saying – “Oh, I can’t do that!”, “I’m too …..” At the same time, I’ve heard members sharing some of their personal accomplishments. Visitors to NKM&BJJ need to know that all of the […]

Imaginary Lines

Let me ask you a question? Do you feel that only certain people should be allowed to shop at a local stores? Go to the dentist? To the doctor? To acquire other services available in the public community? Let me clarify. If someone has a need to see, let’s say, a physician, can anyone go […]

Knock it off already!

Recently I had an interesting conversation with my oldest daughter. She was struggling with math; her arch nemesis. She found herself doubting her own abilities even more than usual that day. Her comment to me was, “I’m not like my brother and sister who “get it” and that makes me feel bad about myself.” She […]

How we deal with injuries

For any athlete that trains on a regular basis, injuries are inevitable. We hear this from everyone….coaches, instructors, advanced students, and every article, blog, or news clip you find. So when something happens, it shouldn’t be a surprise to us. What really occurs following an injury is rather fascinating. Though we are all different individuals, […]

This will change you

I have been pondering a statement I heard last night from Coach. Isn’t it funny how someone can say something to you and it sticks around in your head for a while. While watching a class at the gym, Coach says, “This will change you.” Four words and they have blown my mind.

New Eyes

It was a rarity for me and the children; a trip to the mall. I don’t like shopping, but we had gifts to buy. We went to the local megalopolis, where the hustle and bustle were at full tilt. It has been a long while since last I had visited the retail dome.