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My, how things are changing!

Hello NKM & BJJ folks!  2015 is coming to a close and that means a whole new year of possibilities. I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of anticipation that typically comes with the end of one year and the beginning of another. In 2015, we celebrated three years of making middle […]

Notes from the Wicked Queen:

You, my dear readers, often hear from the experienced male perspective about training at NKM&BJJ. I think another story needs to be heard, on occasion, that gives insight from a different point of view. Ta-dah…Me! Let me make it very clear – I know little and I’m an expert at nothing. I am a newbie BJJ […]

Why do you rush so much?

Why do you rush so much? I am thankful for my microwave. It heats my food quickly and efficiently, and makes cooking a bit more convenient. However, it doesn’t make the best home-cooked meals, just an acceptable substitute. Seriously, the “old days” of using the oven to reheat leftovers was time consuming and wasteful. No one […]

Don’t pass on the basics!

Instructor: “I know this seems a bit simple for you guys, but it will pick up.” Us: “No worries. It’s always good to go back and practice the fundamentals.” This is how training started this last week. The instructor was informing my partner and me about the pace and scope of training. Right after this […]

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Okay guys and gals, it has unfortunately been WAY TOO long since my last blog entry. But, “have no fear, Underdog is here.”  (Sorry, I had a childhood cartoon flashback for a minute). Now back to our regularly scheduled blog. As we approach a new year and new challenges, I wanted to throw out some […]

New Year, New You OR Different page, Same story?

To borrow from FDR, New Year’s Day – a day that will live in infamy. Why should I say that? “Infamy” means ‘the condition of being known for having done bad things or being evil.’ What can be evil or bad about New Year’s Day? It’s about time off from work, college bowl games, relaxing, […]

Enjoy the Journey

  As a trainer and coach I often hear comments like, “Is it ever going to get easier?” or “Will I feel this way always?” My response is always the same – enjoy the journey!  Many struggle with that singular statement – Enjoy the Journey – but when developing athletes, specifically athletes that are learning […]

The last W’s – Who, When, and Why of Self-Defense

Bringing it all together In our last three conversations, we have explored the following questions: Who needs self defense? Everyone does. What is self defense? Self defense was defined as:  the act of acquiring and honing the skills necessary to protect a person, place, or thing from an attack. Where do I go for self […]

Where can I learn self-defense?

Remember last time we were together, we spoke about “what” self-defense is briefly. Self defense was defined as:  the act of acquiring and honing the skills necessary to protect a person, place, or thing from an attack. We also discussed self defense in terms of three different elements: fitness, aggressiveness (“fighting spirit”), and techniques. With […]